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CalClean uses mobile High Vacuum Dual Phase Extraction (HVDPE) along with a patented groundwater treatment system to remediate and take sites to closure. In some instances other technologies (Air Sparging) are used along with HVDPE to further enhance the process. CalClean’s patented water treatment system gives the advantage to treat the water onsite, which avoids expensive handling and disposal fees. With the system being mobile CalClean can be onsite within hours working, which will reduce the site’s potential impacts to the environment.

By using CalClean’s HVDPE system it can be used over a wide range of sites and lithology conditions and can be combined with other remediation technologies. Our system allows for minimal disturbance to site operations and has no capital investment price tag. CalClean’s mobile system shortens the treatment time, and usually gets closure within 6 months to 2 years under optimal conditions.  CalClean has a distinct advantage in that the systems are mobile, used over a longer period of time, manned, and with a onsite person can make system adjustments on the fly for better recovery.

CalClean also has a fleet of mobile Chlorinated Solvent Carbon systems. CalClean uses a 20-hp or 25-hp Mobile Chlorinated Carbon Extraction System. The system runs at 300-450 cfm. The Chlorinated extraction system works a lot like the HVDPE system, as discussed above, in that it uses extraction technology and is able to filter the vapor and water using carbon filtering technology. This method is technically simple and is much more efficient than any other remediation technology for chlorinated clean-up projects.